Lady Of A Day

F          Eb
And so goodbye, my lady of a day

Db                            Eb                F    F
Now let your step be long and now your laugh be gay

B7                   A9              Db
It's only right that everything went wrong

            Eb               F
It couldn't happen any other way

F                Eb
A thousand miles east, the lovers say

Db                           Eb              F     F
It's written in the sky with stars that lead away

B7                 A9           Db
It couldn't happen   to a nicer guy

        Eb                 F    F
A nicer girl, my lady of a day

                 A                    Db
        Through screens of memory you leave me

        G                     Eb
        Smile on the screen behind and then

        The screen behind the screen behind the screen

            EbMaj7                  A7
        But nothing alters what has been

        Nor do my eyes deceive me

           F      Eb
And so goodbye my lady of a night

Db                             Eb             F       F
Now let your head be clear and now your smile bright

B7                A9               Db
As hour by day by week by month by year

     A7           G9         B
You dim but never wholly disappear

       Db           Eb             DbMaj7    Eb6    F
On the curving path away from my delight

                                            Pete Atkin / Clive James
                                            Transcription Gerry Smith     

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