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(Message started by: MickH on Today at 18:57)

Title: Interweb Radio & Smash Flops
Post by MickH on Today at 18:57
Hi, I've recently bought an Internet Radio which, among other things, allows me to listen to pod-casts & the like as well as audio streams from various web-sites.

It's fairly straight-forward to set up links via the "reciva" web-site to the URL of the stream, but when I enter the URLs from Smash Flops, for example: http://www[dot]rwt[dot]co[dot]uk/play/smashflops.htm my radio fails to connect.

Has anyone out there succeeded in connecting?
Am I doing something wrong?
Am I going to have to sit by my PC to listen to this stuff?

Your help will be gratefully accepted.

Title: Re: Interweb Radio & Smash Flops
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 19:48
Hello Mick

Nice to see a newcomer posting to MV.

I think your difficulty may be due to the way I've set up the clips. In part it's an attempt to protect them from wholesale piracy -- they are after all not intended to be 'free' in the sense that a podcast or an IP radio stream is -- though I admit that the level of protection is as nothing to anyone the least bit determined to rip them. [But isn't this true to a greater or lesser extent of all antipiracy or "security" measures? -- they mainly serve to make life more difficult for the legitimate user!]

The link, for instance http://www.rwt.co.uk/play/touch.htm points not to the .mp3 file but to an HTML page which opens in its own small window, displaying a Windows Media Player console and starting the .mp3 file in the player. So the URL of the .mp3 itself is "hidden" in the player page. But not so well that you couldn't easily discover it by viewing the page source.

In this case that URL is http://www.rwt.co.uk/audio/touch.mp3. This should work via the Reciva interface.

Incidentally I'm hosting the audio files at RWT simply because my peteatkin.com webspace is pretty well maxed out!

Hope this helps.


Title: Re: Interweb Radio & Smash Flops
Post by MickH on Today at 20:05
Thanks alot for a speedy answer SJ. I think that will probably sort me out.

Fear not I am not into ripping off sites such as this, I just find it alot easier listening to the wireless than the scratchy little speakers on my lap-top.

Thanks again!

Title: Re: Interweb Radio & Smash Flops
Post by Jan on Today at 21:44
Thanks Steve!
Should have thought of that. It'll save an embarrassingly high number of hits on the website link :cool:

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