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(Message started by: Mike Walters on Today at 14:11)

Title: The Adversary
Post by Mike Walters on Today at 14:11
Kevin Cryan pointed out to me that, since others use the 'Off Topic' section to publicise their gigs, there was presumably no reason why I shouldn't use it to plug my books.  I hope he's right - but no doubt Steve will let me know if not.  In any case, thanks to Kevin for his unsolicited efforts on my behalf.  

So, overcoming my natural diffidence in such matters...

Just to let anyone who's interested (and one or two have indicated they are) know, the second of my crime novels, The Adversary, is out today.  All good bookshops, Amazon, and all that.  

Incidentally, to drag this momentarily back on topic, I hadn't registered until recently that my agent, the estimable Peter Buckman, is the brother of Robert B, erstwhile Footlighter with Messrs A and J.  


Title: Re: The Adversary
Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 20:59
http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/I/516GxlBF2xL._AA240_.jpgMichael Walters (http://www.theshadowwalker.com/index.htm) second novel The Adversary, the eagerly awaited (by me at least) follow-up to his wonderfully readible The Shadow Walker* (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Shadow-Walker-Michael-Walters/dp/1847240801), is indeed now available at a very reasonable price from Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adversary-Michael-Walters/dp/1847240593).

*This is Maxim Jakubowski writing in The Guardian November 11 2006 (http://books.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,,1944633,00.html) about the The Shadow Walker.

The Shadow Walker, by Michael Walters (Quercus, £12.99)

A sense of place has always been an important ingredient in crime fiction, with the descent into a different culture, time or environment key to establishing foreboding or atmosphere. This debut by a British management consultant chooses its locale well, a previously uncharted crime destination: Mongolia. Inspector Nergui is a leading light of the Mongolian Serious Crime Squad in a country still struggling to come to terms with its past and the promise of its future. The mutilated body of a British geologist is found in an exclusive hotel, seemingly the fourth victim of a local serial killer. The political pressure tosolve the case brings Nergui back to his old department, where he has an uneasy relationship with his successor and protégé, Doripalam, and a British CID officer sent out to support the investigation. Walters ably brings his uncommon setting to teeming life. A worthy new series in the making.

I don't think you have to be a die-hard thriller fan to enjoy Mike's writing. I'm certainly not, and I did. Go on, give it a try - you know you want to.

Kevin Cryan

Title: Re: The Adversary
Post by Murray McGlew on 10.09.07 at 05:44
Just out of idle curiosity Mike, about your agent, did you find him or did he find you. Clive mentions in North Face of Soho that he is often asked by aspiring writers how to acquire an agent. His answer is that they will find you if you have had your name on enough articles in magazines and such. This surprised me when I read it, but makes perfect sense now that think about it.

I'm glad your books got a mention here, and I do plan to read them. My mother went on a tour of Mongolia a few years ago and has been ear-bashing me about the place ever since, so much so that I feel I should find out a bit more. A novel is often a painless way to do that.  

Title: Re: The Adversary
Post by Mike Walters on 10.09.07 at 12:14
I think Clive's advice is generally sound, though it didn't apply in my case.   I had a previous novel which I'd sent to all and sundry without success.  When I sent it to Peter Buckman, who's now my agent, he was good enough to write back with the best possible advice - that a) the books was probably too unfashionable to be marketable but that b) he'd enjoyed it and would be interested to see anything else I did.  That stopped me wasting time on something that was going nowhere, but gave me all the encouragement I needed to try something else...  

I think I was lucky - Peter's agency was relatively new at the time, although he's massively experienced  as a writer and publisher, so he was actively looking for writers.  But all agencies get inundated with manuscripts, so it is difficult even to get noticed - hence Clive's view, I imagine.

Incidentally, both books should be available in Australia through Murdoch Books.


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