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(Message started by: naomi on Today at 23:23)

Title: Robb Johnson on Radio 3
Post by naomi on Today at 23:23
I must, to my vast discredit, admit that I've never had the good fortune to hear the acclaimed Mr Robb Johnson's music and words.

I shall shortly be able to rectify this situation by listening  to Andy Kershaw's programme on Sunday January 7 at 10.15pm (2215 hrs) on BBC Radio 3 which, according to the Radio Times, features a session from said gent. I'm looking forward to it - and I am sure that many other Midvodians will want to listen too.

Happy New Year to all,


Title: Re: Robb Johnson on Radio 3
Post by Simon Reap on 08.01.07 at 13:56
If you missed it (like I did!), then hie thee away to the Andy Kershaw listen again (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio3_aod.shtml?radio3/andykershaw) page.


Title: Re: Robb Johnson on Radio 3
Post by Seán Kelly on 10.01.07 at 21:56
and for those wanting the live RJ experience and if you are within within striking distance of North London you could always head along to the Plough in Walthamstow this Sunday (14th Jan 2006) - www.walthamstowfolk.co.uk

Title: Re: Robb Johnson on Radio 3
Post by Jim Grozier on 12.01.07 at 18:22
Yes, do listen to it (if it's still there) although I have to say that that programme was not the best showcase of Robb's talents for a newcomer to his music. He is an extremely prolific songwriter (and also manages to hold down a day job!) and the small sample that was on the programme was not his best stuff. The one about Pinochet was good, but had nothing like as much punch in it as several other songs he's written on similar subjects. The one about the worker going off to work and contrasting his chances of return with someone in (say) Palestine was also good. Both these were brand new songs. Maybe they were the strongest ones Radio 3 would let him do!

And Robb doesn't just do political stuff either. Some of the more "chanson-type" ones are very moving - e.g. "Sunday Morning St Denis" and "Au Depart" - both of these also covered very well by Barb Jungr; and some of his songs are very funny, while others are more like anthems. As far as I am concerned Robb's only vice is his insistence on singing the odd Joe Strummer song, though maybe not everyone would agree with that ... and he's also very good value for money - when he used to do Sunday afternoons in the Evening Star in Brighton he would perform non-stop for three hours and do about half a dozen encores, which is pretty good for a free gig!

If you can't get to Walthamstow check out his website:



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