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(Message started by: Andy Love on Today at 09:44)

Title: Any Old Iron (Maiden)?
Post by Andy Love on Today at 09:44
Hi Chorus

With space at a premium, I was rootling around my CD collection t’other day {sorry, MoM !} wondering which ones I could MP3 and then dispose of.  Does one really need three Barry Adamson albums, for example? It occurred to me that I probably wouldn’t get an awful lot for them were I to try to flog them, so I looked on Netsounds and confirmed it was so. So then it occurred to me that I might as well donate them to a worthwhile cause…

Some Midvodians know that I work in a prison library. More know now I’ve said that, of course  -- membership now past the 350 mark, pretty much up to ‘mailing list’ days, innit?  Anyroad… I’d been wanting to establish a CD collection for the guys for some time and here, maybe, I had the seed of opportunity …

I should say that  they do already have access to CDs from the County Library, but: a) selection policy is income-driven; and b) they have to pay a quid per title (out of a weekly wage of c£8). So they’re tickety-boo if they’re after Best of 100% Now That’s What I Call Pure Chilled Ibiza House Anthem Nation: vol 522 (Summer 05, Remix by DJ Fleecem)  but sunk if they happen to like music of more proven longevity (70+% of my customers are ‘lifers’).  I exaggerate, of course, but you get the drift.

So if anyone is, like me, considering a personal CD stock edit, I’d be chuffed to hear from you. And if  you’d like to know more about my workplace (in many ways it’s not yer ‘normal’, Norman Stanley Fletcher-type, prison) before disposing of stuff in its direction, please do IM me and I’ll spill a bibful.



Title: Re: Any Old Iron (Maiden)?
Post by Colin Crooks on 24.08.06 at 16:48
Kate & I were privileged to attend a gig by Robb Johnson at the prison last year, so we somewhat about it.

This is a really worthwhile cause and we’ll be sending stuff Andy’s way shortly.

Come on folks, exfoliate your CD collection; you know it makes sense.


Title: Re: Any Old Iron (Maiden)?
Post by Seán Kelly on 25.08.06 at 16:16
Andy it could be just like the old MV cd library days ; jiffy bags dropping through your letter box like autumn leaves!!  Seriously though, a nice idea.  Please post on here any outraged responses from her majesty's listeners to the kind of cds Pete Atkin Fans choose to dispose of (the mind boggles  ;D
I presume you will IM your home address (yes I know I have it somewhere).  Okay I'll go and start sorting.

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