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(Message started by: Leslie Moss on Today at 10:04)

Title: Other artists at PoD
Post by Leslie Moss on Today at 10:04
This thread is for reviews/comments on the non-Pete performances at PoD yesterday

Title: Re: Other artists at PoD
Post by Leslie Moss on Today at 10:16
To kick off this thread, may I say how much I enjoyed Naomi Hyamson's performance. Naomi and her accompanist Stephen Rose performed a varied set, including Weil/Brecht, Sondheim and three Atkin/James songs - The Magic Wasn't There, A Hill of Little Shoes and The Trophies of My Lovers Gone.

All three of the latter were memorable performances. Naomi wisely avoided trying to emulate Julie Covington's phrasing and delivery too closely on the first.  A Hill of Little Shoes was for me one of the highlights of the day, if a song which reduced me to tears can be said to be a highlight. She wrung enormous emotional power from the song without the need for histrionics - a tribute both to her singing, the simplicity of the music and the understated lyrics. The Trophies of My Lovers Gone, one of my favourites from the Lakeside Sessions, was performed with cool aplomb.

And later, several of us had the pleasure of finding out what a delightful person she was over dinner.

Stephen Rose provided a high-quality accompaniment, again avoiding the trap of cloning the recorded versions of the song.

Two great talents - thank you both very much. And thanks to Andy for booking them.

I hope we will see Naomi at future *oDs.


Title: Re: Other artists at PoD
Post by Theo Clarke on Today at 17:58
Whilst I found every entertainer entertaining, I was particularly taken with Alan Neville.  Clearly I am not alone in this (given the rate at which he sold out of his stock of CDs) so can someone make a note to give him a much longer set at the next Xod?


Title: Re: Other artists at PoD
Post by JtJ on Today at 19:30
Hi there!

I agree entirely with Theo.  I got one of Alan's CDs and played it on the way home from the Travelodge (which is worthy of a thread in itself!)

I can hear, in his music, the influence (?) of Robb Johnson, another of my favourites.
(This is intended as a compliment, of course).

I, too, would like to hear more of Alan live.
Get his CD everyone, I recommend it....it's got some great songs.
He's a really nice guy too!

THINKS:  He'll probably read this....I hope so!


Title: Re: Other artists at PoD
Post by Rob_Rudderham on 08.11.04 at 14:44
One of the nice things about getting to PoD early (about 11:15 am) for a soundcheck was that we were able to bag seats at the front, which meant that by the time we got to Pete in the evening, we had front row centre. Pete was of course wonderful, as he always has been from the first time I saw him live at the Shakespeare off Carnaby Street circa 1970 something and he played among many other things an impromptu guitar version of 'Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley' which someone requested.

But I wanted to use this post to thank all the other performers who contributed so much to making it such a successful day.

Keith Busby's short set warmed things up with a perfect start. I hadn't heard 'Concrete & Clay' for far too long.

Naomi Hyamson provided an excellent repetoire of classic songs performed with presicion, meaning and humour and richly deserves all the praise she and Stephen Rose have already had heaped upon them in the forum.

Unfortunately, I missed most of Alan Melville's set due to a prolonged excursion pre-booking a cab for the journey home (a story for another time), but got back to catch his last number which had me chuckling away merrily to myself. Judging from what others have said, I regret not being there throughout.

George Papavgeris performed his well-crafted personal songs with passion and the intimacy suited to a small venue.  A lovely, thoughtful and enjoyable set.

In a remarkably small world, the bass players of Midnight and Pale Scarlet go back a long way (certainly before the latter had even heard of Pete Atkin or picked up a bass guitar), so it was particularly enjoyable to catch Midnight as a three piece for the first time (for me). Strong musicianship, charismatic performances and a nice mixture of excellent originals with at least one cover (the first of the evening's 'Honky Tonks' executed with real swing) made up a great 45 minutes entertainment which was over all too soon. I particularly enjoyed the opener 'The General Feeling Is Blue' and also the powerful 'Snapshots'.  We're also grateful to Midnight for the use of their PA and other equipment, particularly as their musical line-up is identical to ours!

And last but of course not least, special thanks to the night's other performer, Julian the J, who held it all together and didn't drop a ball.

Thanks also and again to Richard, Andy and everyone else who had a hand in organising the day (I've done similar organising myself and know how much effort it takes!). And of course to Pete & Clive, without whom etc...

I can count my absolute musical heroes on the fingers of less than two hands. About 10 years ago when Pale Scarlet first started performing, I said to Jules and Susannah that I wanted to be a rock star by the time I was 50. I don't really know what that means in the context of what we do, but had I dreamt that appearing on the small bill as one of my heroes was even possible, I guess I would have more than settled for that. I reached 50 this summer -- ambition fulfilled!

Rob Rudderham  


Title: Re: Other artists at PoD
Post by SimonReap on 09.11.04 at 17:02

on 11/07/04 at 10:16:38, Leslie Moss wrote :
A Hill of Little Shoes was for me one of the highlights of the day, if a song which reduced me to tears can be said to be a highlight.

I too was brought to tears, by George's "(Without you on) Christmas Day".  I managed to hold on until he got to the lines "And we would hush the children, who were asking questions, About why Granny cried as we all drove away".  Lovely stuff.  It was definitely a mistake to listen to it again on the way home that night (made driving a little more hazardous!).


Title: Re: Other artists at PoD
Post by SimonReap on 09.11.04 at 18:03
I too thoroughly enjoyed Alan Neville's (all-too-short) set, and was dismayed to find I'd missed the CDs.  Any chance of getting one now, Alan?  The songs were witty, musically inventive and simply seemed to be "right".


Title: Re: Other artists at PoD
Post by Theo Clarke on 16.11.04 at 14:35
Some months ago I mentioned how melodies and lyrics cling to the brain.  I find that Midnight's 'Natural As Breath' is staying with me ... 'Too many words, too many words ...'


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