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(Message started by: Richard Bleksley on Today at 02:50)

Title: Sits Vac - Helpers needed
Post by Richard Bleksley on Today at 02:50
Are you feeling helpful?  Would you like your involvement with PoD to be more than mere attendance?

I need some people to lend a hand on the day, so this is particularly aimed at those who live reasonably close to Sutton, or perhaps those who have booked rooms for Friday night as well as Saturday, and fancy seeing the back of their hotel early.

The jobs involved fall into two main categories, the menial and the genial.  The menial is humping chairs. tables and sound gear, both before the event amd after.  The genial is greeting arrivals at the door and ushering in latecomers.  A little help with organising the serving of the refreshments may also be necessary, and with clearing up the associated debris afterwards.

The pay?  Well, mostly that smug feeling you get from having done a good turn, but I hope to be able to offer those who turn up early to help with the morning's preparations a free lunch - if the budget will stand it!

Interested?  Send me an instant message saying when you could turn up and what you'd like to do.  

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