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(Message started by: Andy Love on Today at 12:08)

Title: PoD04 : Booking Matters
Post by Andy Love on Today at 12:08
Hi Chorus

By the power vested in me by Richard Bleksley, Bearer of the Five Star-Rubies of XoD, I can announce ...

The Booking Czar is dead!  Long Live The Booking Czar!

As I speak, the Regalia of Office are winging their way to Leslie Moss.  If you have enquiries about booking matters from now on, please address them to Leslie. Thanks.

Everyone who reserved places should have received instructions as to what to do next. If you did but you haven't, please drop Richard or me a note.  

Incidentally, there are less than 20 places still available (Richard may want to correct that!) for PoD.

Cheers All


Title: Re: PoD04 : Booking Matters
Post by Leslie Moss on 11.09.04 at 20:54
By the authority vested in me by Richard and Andy, I hereby announce that I have returned from a short overseas trip to take over as Booking Czar. In my absence, a parcel has arrived from Andy (thanks Andy!) and several letters and cheques. As soon as I have recovered from the jet lag I shall respond to all letters and emails. So please bear with me for a couple more days!


Title: Re: PoD04 : Booking Matters
Post by Richard Bleksley on 13.09.04 at 01:02
I think it would be nice if we all had name badges, as was done at SoD2K - saves asking "And who the hell might you be?"

Can I therefore ask you, when sending your booking confirmation e-mail to me, to give me the names of everyone in your party?


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