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(Message started by: Secret Drinker on Today at 12:09)

Title: Wot, no FoD '99? ;-)
Post by Secret Drinker on Today at 12:09
Richard Bleksley wrote:

The next get-together for these folks, now calling themselves "Midnight Voices" or "MVs" after the mailing list, was a members-only reception held after a public concert promoted by Steve and Carole in 1998 at Buxton Opera House.  In 2000 MV Andy Love organised an event at a school in Milton Keynes, and the similarity of its format to the original Field of Dreams (lots of Pete Atkin, supporting acts, and plenty of socialising) led to it being called the School of Dreams, or SoD2k.  So, when MVs Mike and Mel Powell ran a similar event the next year in a cinema in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, it was inevitable that it should be known as CoD.

I see Richard has drawn a veil over FoD '99, the year of the Beautiful Changers' moment of infamy glory. Maybe it's just as well - but we had a good time there, anyway! ;D



Title: Re: Wot, no FoD '99? ;-)
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 13:12
Newcomers might be interested to read about FoD99
(our 1999 Monyash MV 'Garden Party')

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