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(Message started by: Leonardo_Rainbow on Today at 00:41)

Title: Leonardo's plug (moved from 'Alerts' - see note!)
Post by Leonardo_Rainbow on Today at 00:41
Greetings and Multifalarious Salutations Midnight Voices Peeps

Just got Pete's newsletter and in an attempt to push the boundaries of your infamy even further, I have posted a message on the Publish America's 'Private' Authors Message Board, pointing to the article in the Times and the website and the fact that you guys have a new disc out, as there has recently been some discussions of fame and fortune resulting from being published.

mine own offering can be found at:

My new book can be found at:

and some other stuff at:

[Message from Admin:

Thanks, Leonardo, for the publicity.

However, all MVs please note, this 'Alerts' thread is intended for urgent announcements of a time-sensitive nature, such as (hypothetically) an imminent unscheduled TV appearance by one of our heroes. Please feel free to post such events here, but it should not be used for general (non-urgent) news, announcements or follow-up discussion. (There are more suitable places -- note for instance that we have a board dedicated to Newsletter follow-ups).

There is good reason for this: many members have set the recommended e-mail notification for this thread alone, in order not to miss something urgent. Off-topic content here will be seen by them as spam, and will eventually result in these members cancelling notification and losing this facility.

In order not to be guilty myself of cluttering up mailboxes, I am appending this note to Leonardo's message, which I shall later today move to another thread. So please note this comment applies exclusively to the special "Alerts -- things happening now" thread in the "News" board.

Thank you

Steve Birkill, Administrator]

10:15 - Message moved to Newsletter board -- SJB

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