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(Message started by: Richard Bleksley on Today at 18:30)

Title: Annotated lyrics
Post by Richard Bleksley on Today at 18:30
A slight correction here to Newsletter MV0601.

Although the excellent annotations to Screen Freak and Uncle Seabird were, indeed, by Kevin Cryan as stated, the one to The Man Who Walked Towards the Music was actually by me.  Not mentioned was the annotation to National Steel, also by me.

Although I wasn't going to blow my own trumpet on this forum (I thought a quiet word in Pete's virtual shell-like might be more appropriate), Pete advised me to do it this way, and so that's what I'm doing....

Title: Re: Annotated lyrics
Post by John_Wagstaff on 18.02.06 at 23:17
Driving Through Mythical America

"Even the dead can talk"
Where did Bogart say this?  In his 1951 film known as Murder Inc in UK (or The Enforcer in the US).  The speech goes:
"If you think you can get away with this you're crazy. You think you can shut people up by killing them, but you're wrong: even the dead can talk. Maybe not in a courtroom but they'll be talking to you, Mendoza ...  at night when you are trying to sleep".

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