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(Message started by: Jan on Today at 23:46)

Title: Heads together, first round
Post by Jan on Today at 23:46
I was intrigued by the high prices paid for this 1971 album on eBay until I had a proper look at the tracklist:

1. Telephone Girl - Jade Warrior
2. Brother Bird - Sunbird
3. Lonely Norman - Jimmy Campbell
4. Good Morning Sun - Magna Carta
5. Cold, Haily, Windy Night - Martin Carthy
6. Home - Nirvana
7. Nine By Nine - John Dummer
8. Cocoa - Assagai
9. Gambling Man - Daddy Longlegs
10. Bird Catcher - Clear Blue Sky
11. Willow Tree - Tudor Lodge
12. Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger - Pete Atkin
13. Foxfield Junction - Legend
14. Brothers - Lassoo

I think that perhaps Track 6 may have something to do with it. We know that completists will often spend a fortune to enhance a collection. I haven't heard the track but I suspect anyone bought it because it was Nirvana but didn't look at the date is in for a bit of a surprise.


Title: Re: Heads together, first round
Post by Richard Bleksley on 08.02.06 at 10:46
On the other hand, when my (then) teenage son first started raving about Nirvana some years back, I wondered why the sudden resurgence of interest in an obscure British late sixties / early seventies band....

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