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(Message started by: andy_lester on Today at 09:16)

Title: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by andy_lester on Today at 09:16
Having just seen the latest Wallace and Gromit production, I noted on the credits that a Mr Crocker was voiced by Pete Atkin. Which one of the vegetable crazies was he?

Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by Seán Kelly on Today at 12:14
see Pete's comments (And the identity of Mr Crock revealed!) in the September newsletter at http://www.peteatkin.com/mv/newsletter.php?#MV0507
(scroll up if necessary)
I guess you'll be signing up for future missives! :)

Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by Keith Busby on 11.10.05 at 03:20
Bad news about the fire at Aardman Animation, just as W+G top the US box office. But Mr Crock surely owes us a review of the recent London premiere he attended, alongside the glitterati of the voiceover world.


Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by hannibalmcnee on 11.10.05 at 04:27
Ha! That's brilliant. (The voice-over, obviously, not the fire, which is a shame).

I was going to see it anyway, but now I HAVE to go see this film with some urgency.

Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by andy_lester on 11.10.05 at 07:19
I do recall Pete mentioning his guest appearance but having seen the film I am curious to know which vegetable his character is growing.

BTW it's worth going to see just to count the number of rabbit type jokes/references and to discover the best use for a cardboard box!

Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by Pete Atkin on 11.10.05 at 09:19
It seemed pretty obvious to me that the story of the movie is basically about this short, bald, bearded, black-browed, clay pipe-smoking bloke called Mr Crock who sits next to Wallace at the town meeting.   The fact that he only has a couple of audible lines scarcely detracts from the fact that the story clearly revolves around him and without him the whole movie would fall apart.   For the record, and since you may well have difficulty recognising me, so thoroughly have I immersed myself in the characterisation, my two lines are (apart from inaudible cowd contributions), "By Jove, I think he's got it" and "If you can't deliver the goods, you'd best keep your traps shut" -- or something like that ('Author! author!' do I hear you cry?).  It all happened because after one of the voice sessions where I was called in to try to interpret between director and actor, I joined in a test session for the town meeting, and months and months later I heard they'd actually used my bits.   Such is the path to movie stardom.  Still, it means I do now appear in imdb.  Now where did I put that number for the people who install remote-controlled front gates?

The premiere was fun -- the entire crew was invited, which was good, not to say unusual --  and the distributors gave a good party afterwards.  There weren't that many non-participant stars (surprising, really -- I'd thought there'd have been more), but among the ones who were was Dave Gilmour with his family.  I was talking to a bunch of Aardfolk at the party, wondering if he would be coming along because I'd like to have a chat with him;  everyone else said Yes, they'd like to have a chat with him too, when up comes Dave Gilmour and says hello to me (he was at school with me, I have to admit quickly).  Instant credibility or what?  (I didn't tell the other folks about the school thing.)


Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by Andy Love on 11.10.05 at 11:59
Good to hear you're rapidly zooming up the alphabetical heirarchy of celebrity - Endemol (sp?) will no doubt be in touch soon.

I guess if Mr. Gilmour had been a Scorpion, we'd have heard about it by now!

And, hats off to Nick Park who voiced an admirable sense of perspective.


Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by JtJ on 15.10.05 at 21:25
Oi Oi!

So did Pete (Mr Crock) ALSO say:  "Kiss my marrow" at some point?

(I'm just home from the Odeon).

I only ask because the character that said this looked a little like Pete!

Hope you're all well.

PS:  W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l film, by the way!

Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by Snoopy on 16.10.05 at 00:50
For those, like I, who didn't have time to fully appreciate Mr Crock, I have created a 4 second WMV video of one of his more coherent lines, grabbed from a 'Behind the Scenes' programme shown this evening on Sky Movies 1.

Hopefully the duration of the clip will prevent the MPAA from leaping into fervored action...

Download here (460kb): http://www.snoopy.me.uk/WandG.wmv

Windows Media Player needed (sorry!)

For those interested in seeing the full programme, it's next being shown at 2.00pm on Sky Movies 2 on Tuesday 18th, and is repeated a sclonch of other times throughout the next couple of weeks on various Sky Movie variants.

Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by JtJ on 16.10.05 at 22:13
Hi there!

Well done Snoopy!  Thanks for clearing that up!

I still think the guy who said:  "Kiss my marrow" looks like Pete though!

Haven't been able to find a picture as yet....give me time!

Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by andrew_long on 16.12.05 at 14:24
In Glittering Prizes,on Radio 4 at weekends and with a glittering cast, my wife thinks she heard a voice for one of the minor roles sounding rather like Mr Crock.

We wonder whether the producer has enlisted the (almost) legendary saxophonist Patrick E Reinhardt to help out. ;)

Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by John N L Morrison on 23.01.06 at 18:05
Pete said that his star appearance as Mr Crock ensured him of a place in history in the International Movie data base (IMDB). Not so! He was already there for his role in "The Mermaid Folics" 1977!

Title: Re: The Curse of the Were-rabbit
Post by Murray McGlew on 25.01.06 at 05:33
I think this is nearly on-topic for the thread.

In the early seventies I saw the Barry Mckenzie sequel, "Barry McKenzie Holds His Own." Unlike the first film, which occasionally surfaces on TV and was released on video, this one sank without a trace, and I had never heard of it again until recently when, by a complete fluke, I saw it had been released on DVD.

On a crazy impulse I bought it, and got a few laughs despite it being somewhat dated. At the time of the original viewing I had never heard of Clive James so I was pleasantly surprised this time to see the young Clive in quite a large part. Only a few lines, but constantly in the action.

At least I now know why he's been more or less a non-drinker for all these years. He's still drying out from the shooting of the film.

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