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(Message started by: Jan on Today at 21:47)

Title: Newsletter archive?
Post by Jan on Today at 21:47
Would it be possible for the newsletters to be added to the archive? It seems quite disorientating to reply on the forum to a message which isn't available on any part of the website. Just as it seems funny to read a reply to a message you haven't yet received.

Over the last three months I've used four different email addresses and no longer have the foggiest idea where any particular message can be found so I know I would find it helpful. The newsletter is lovely and I was interested although not surprised to see that it has more subscribers than the forum has members. I think I'm right in saying that but I can't check!

Title: Re: Newsletter archive?
Post by Ian Chippett on 24.06.05 at 11:30
How many newsletters have there been so far? I don't seem to have had one lately but maybe that's because there hasn't been one.

Ian C

Title: Re: Newsletter archive?
Post by S J Birkill on 25.06.05 at 10:04
Hi Jan! (and Ian)

Thanks for the suggestion/request -- I should have realised the need for this. You can now find it here (http://www.peteatkin.com/mv/newsletter.php), or by clicking "Archive" in the Forum menu bar (you need to be logged in to reveal this option), and scrolling down to the bottom of the members-only file list, where you'll find a link.


Title: Re: Newsletter archive?
Post by Jan on 28.06.05 at 09:23
Thanks Steve!

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