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(Message started by: Glenn on Today at 00:59)

Title: MySpace
Post by Glenn on Today at 00:59
It's not often that I'm dragged out of lurkerdom, and I'll be surprised if this hasn't been raised before, but where is Pete's MySpace page? Nearly everyone else is there, even bands that don't really exist.


Title: Re: MySpace
Post by Simon Reap on Today at 14:06
Closest is probably the band Pete plays in, The Shrinks (http://www.myspace.com/theshrinksbristol).


Title: Re: MySpace
Post by Glenn on Today at 16:44
Thanks. I have now asked to be added as a Shrinks friend, but it's still odd that Pete doesn't have a page of his own. A recurring theme on this forum is that he has never received the attention he deserves. It seems a shame to ignore this potential route for attracting a new audience.


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