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(Message started by: Cary on Today at 23:19)

Title: Clive Interview - BBC4
Post by Cary on Today at 23:19
TALK SHOW: Mark Lawson Talks to...
On: BBC 4 (116)
Date: Monday 31st July 2006 (starting in 8 days)
Time: 22:00 to 23:00 (1 hour long) VideoPlus: 9832

Clive James.
Interview with the Australian-born writer and broadcaster.

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Title: Re: Clive Interview - BBC4
Post by naomi on 31.07.06 at 15:24
NB, chaps: this is on BBC4 tonight at 10pm - repeated at 12.50am.


Title: Re: Clive Interview - BBC4
Post by naomi on 01.08.06 at 17:08
Clive gave an interview which made one of the best such TV programmes that I have ever seen: intelligent, moving, reflective, insightful - and entertaining as well as immensely thought-provoking.

It's a pity that the programme wasn't given more mainstream scheduling.
Still, BBC4 do tend to repeat things, so if you missed it this time, look out for it again.
It may even appear on BBC2 eventually (perhaps in the "after Newsnight" slot).

Incidentally, tonight (Tues Aug 1) BBC4 are screening a programme about Aussies which features Mr James, among others (at 9pm, I think, rptd at 12.40am, I think).


Title: Re: Clive Interview - BBC4
Post by chris_evans on 03.08.06 at 10:34
Yet was there a single mention of the songwriting after the introduction? Was there buggery! Anyone know if it was edited out, or whether the subject just never came up?
(By the way, Pete, still no sign of the Hillside catalogue on emusic.com. I know, I know, too busy. But I really do think you'd reach a lot of new people all over the world through a site that's very well patronised by the more mature downloader).

Title: Re: Clive Interview - BBC4
Post by S J Birkill on 03.08.06 at 11:35
Another chance to see this at midnight tonight.


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