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(Message started by: Keith Busby on Today at 05:55)

Title: 2007 Tour?
Post by Keith Busby on Today at 05:55
I caught Clive on Australian breakfast TV yesterday where, amongst many other things, he mentioned his work with Pete and that there are plans for a tour (I think of the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong) late next year. Stay tuned, then. Clive is currently touring with the Melbourne Symphony doing an evening of film music (if I understood correctly).

Ho for Opera House (described by one taxi driver as "a scrum of white nuns").

Best to all and see you in Sheffield.


Title: Re: 2007 Tour?
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 13:21
Hi Keith -- I suspect that that must have been just a sort of generalised upbeat chatshow response.  We have no current plans, as the politicians say.  But saying that, as also with the politicians, doesn't mean that it won't happen.  Australia is perhaps less likely.  It's perhaps more likely that Clive might do a solo tour there (perhaps that's what he was referring to -- I don't know), not least because I don't add anything to his drawing power, and I double the promoters' expenses.   As always, watch this space.

All the best -- Pete

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