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(Message started by: Hugo on Today at 19:17)

Title: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Hugo on Today at 19:17
Good to see the upcoming gig at the Lamb Inn in Eastbourne (MV Newsletter) - a must for my diary.

But checking their website, the gig is billed for Wednesday 15th March, rather than date of 16th given in the Newsletter.

Just a thought as perhaps not best for Pete to turn up a day later than the punters!

Best wishes


(and yes, if anyone remembers, I am the same one from 1973 - good grief!)

Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 19:48
Oops - Wednesday the 15th it is.


Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by avner greenberg on 05.03.06 at 21:50
Could we have some directions to the Lamb please, or a phone #?


Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by S J Birkill on 05.03.06 at 22:11
Follow the Lamb (http://www.lambfolkclub.freeuk.com) link from the 'gigs' section of the Smash Flops (http://www.peteatkin.com/pa.htm#gigs) home page, or click below for:

Telephone Numbers (http://www.lambfolkclub.freeuk.com/CONTACTS.htm)
Maps (http://www.lambfolkclub.freeuk.com/MAPS.htm)


Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Jan on 13.03.06 at 20:23
Please could someone going to Eastbourne take a setlist for me (us)?
Having started a new job today I can't really ask for  two days leave so soon :(

Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Leslie Moss on 14.03.06 at 06:03
Avner, great to hear from you the other day and I hope that you and everyone else attending has a great time. Unfortunately for me, I shall be waiting for a plane in the Netherlands about the time that the gig commences so am unable to attend.



Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Andy Love on 14.03.06 at 12:12

on 03/13/06 at 20:23:41, Jan wrote :
Please could someone going to Eastbourne take a setlist for me (us)?

I'll do my best -- just so long as there are no Walthamstow-style tricks !

The warning bell is oiled, tuned and ready to rock if required.


Ooh! I've just noticed I've earned my third star. Good old All-Bran!

Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Jan on 14.03.06 at 19:53
Thanks Andy!

on 03/14/06 at 12:12:37, Andy Love wrote :
I'll do my best -- just so long as there are no Walthamstow-style tricks !

It was very funny though!
Have a great time

Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Andy Love on 16.03.06 at 02:20
Hi Chorus

Just back from Eastbourne.  Unless anyone else does I'll post proper, like (see? I'm honing my language skills already in advance of ThoD) when I've had some sleep.

Very enjoyable evening and nice to rv with a quality smattering of MVs.

But who put a sheet of glass over the toilet? Well...

All will be revealed.


Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Andy Love on 16.03.06 at 16:43
Hi Chorus

The Lamb at Eastbourne is no more, at least in its entirety : most of it was served up on Avner’s dinner plate. Partly because of  the amount and partly because it didn’t arrive until the scheduled start time of the gig , both Avner and Mrs. G were forced to share their fare with PoDMeister Richard and I.  Or maybe it was the slavering that did it.  

We decided to race up the three flights of stairs to the f*lk club’s attic room to bag seats. I was stopped outside the doorway (there was no door) by Mine Host. His “You were here last time, weren’t you?” might have seemed almost accusatory in other circumstances.  Then my first footfall inside the room brought a “Ah! You must be Mr. Love” from a gentleman who I didn’t recognise but took to be MV Hugo B.  I was somewhat relieved to realise that I hadn’t after all done anything reprehensible. Yet.

Back down at the trough we were joined by Naomi who, due to train schedules, could stay only for the first half. She had originally offered to do a floor spot but unfortunately withdrew because of her rehearsal schedule for another upcoming engagement.  

An expedition to find the loo brought a privately-amusing moment.  The object of the search was a door bearing the appropriate sign. It was found right next to a hole in the ground and, just for a millisecond, my tired-from-driving brain perversely connected that with French plumbing arrangements.  It was good that my ‘moment’ didn’t extend beyond the millisecond. The hole turned out to be a well, fitted with lighting and blanked off with a sheet of glass so as to make it a historical curio.  Gerry S. reckoned it was at least 60ft deep.  It was impossible to see the bottom, but we couldn’t make out the sound of a kitten mewling, so evidently it wasn’t that well!  

As it happened, proceedings above the tree-line didn’t get underway until feeding had finished below.  Each half of the show began with local musicians strutting their stuff.  Highlights included: a skiffle group –complete with washboard, spoons and tea-chest bass ;  a visually-impaired harmonica player blowing an 18th century tune (he needn’t have been nervous – he was great) ; and Mine Host and his daughter with a Louden Wainwright song (‘You never ‘phone, you never write’ ?).  That young lady’s vocal tone was extremely more-ish, incidentally.

Having arrived by train, PA wasn’t able to bring his keyboard so it was a guitar-only gig from him.  He was also heavily accompanied on vocals by Rhinovirus but battled through admirably even though his immune system must have been protesting.  To us, PA’s performance was understandably perhaps a little subdued but I don’t think anyone else noticed.

Here’s Janice’s setlist …

First Half

1. Thief in the night
2. Time to burn [?]
3. Over the high side*
4. I’ve got me to thank
5. Wristwatch for a drummer
6. Tongue-tied
7.  Girl on the train

Second Half

8. Beware of the beautiful stranger
9. Carnations on the roof [slow version]
10. The flowers and the wine
11. Ballad of an upstairs window**
12. The prince of Aquitaine [slow version]
13. Here we stay
14. Errant knight


15. Be careful when they offer you the moon.

All songs by Atkin-James except:

     *    Atkin
     **  Atkin-Smith [ ;-) – not my place to explain: you had to be there!]


Song 2: This was new to me: it begins “When the breeze came in from the bay” but I’m guessing that its title is ‘Time to burn’.  It seems perhaps to describe a couple who, having handed divorce arrangements over to their lawyers (‘Yours is smarter than mine’!) have at last given themselves permission to enjoy each others’ company once again.

Song 5 : I did try to warn PA about the warning bell by waving it aloft, but I think he was too concerned with holding together his constitution to notice!  Good to note, though, that the audience were paying minute attention to the words because there was an appreciative ripple when I did my thing.

Song 13 : PA again recommended the film ‘Wag the dog’. This time I really must visit Blockbusters. He also said that the song may change to some degree by the time it gets recorded.

[Incidentally, PA mentioned that the 4th volume of CJ’s autobiography is due in October under the title: ‘My name in lights’. ]

So once again an enjoyable and rewarding Eastbourne evening : I do like the atmosphere in that club for some reason – this was my third visit – and would be a regular if I lived down that way.

If you  were there last night, please feel free to add to or to amend the above!


Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Richard Bleksley on 16.03.06 at 21:39
Okay, Andy.  PoDMeister Richard will append his comments below.  Since you'd promised Janice to do the setlist I thought I'd let you get in the first word, but here goes.

First off, thanks (again) to Avner for his generosity with his nosh.  It's not my habit to take the food from someone else's plate, but I was hungry and you wouldn't take no for an answer.

I agree with Andy about the floor singers: the skiffle group (whose repertoire showed pronounced jug band leanings - the two genres are after all closely related) were great fun, and the organiser's daughter did indeed have a lovely voice.

As for Pete's performance:

The new song (I certainly hadn't heard it before, either) was announced with the minimum of fanfare and no mention of its title, but I must say I really liked it.  Spare, effective and witty.  Together with Me to Thank and Here We Stay it's making me anticipate the next album (whenever that may come out) with some eagerness.  I've now got used to Clive's recent "stripped down" writing style and it seems to be working very well - for this listener, at least.

Nice to hear Carnations on the Roof again.  This was the song, back in the seventies, that first alerted me to the fact that here was something really different and original in the way of lyrics.  I mean, how many songs do you know about metal workers?

As for the contretemps with Ballad of an Upstairs Window, could it have been anything to do with the date being the Ides of March?

The Prince of Aquitaine was one song that escaped my notice first time around in the seventies, so now I'm enjoying the experience of having it grow on me more every time I hear it.

Andy, I don't think you need have worried about warning Pete about the bell.  Since he already knew you were present, I think he would have been more surprised if you hadn't rung it.

There was an amusing moment when the audience recognised the intro to BOTBS and greeted it with a smattering of applause.  Pete responded with:  "Good God, where do you think you are - Las Vegas?"

All in all, considering Pete's virally-challenged condition, a good and enjoyable performance, worth the drive down.  I always think Pete is at his best in an intimate atmosphere, such as you get in a folk club.  For those who haven't been there, the Lamb is a nice pub, too - a pleasant old wood-beamed bar and a decent line in ale, if, like me, you are into that nectar.

Here's to the next time.

Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Jan on 17.03.06 at 07:14
Thanks for the setlist Andy.
Sorry I missed the gig. Its a long time, too long, since we heard Tongue tied - SoD at Milton Keynes and Brinkelow in 2000.

Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by avner greenberg on 18.03.06 at 18:54
Enjoyed reading your blogs Andy and Richard upon returning online after a week away from things electronic. It was great to meet up with you both and Naomi at the Lamb (and a pleasure to share that enormous portion with you). And what an enjoyable evening, with a mix of intriguing new songs and the old favourites. I thought Pete and his Atkin sounded just fine, despite his indisposition. The venue was charming, atmosphere friendly and the audience clearly knowledgeable and appreciative.

Pete gave us an insight into his collaboration with CJ on introducing Here We Stay, telling us that he often "perversely" tries to ignore Clive's suggestions as to the musical form. In this case, however, he eventually returned to the idea of a marching tempo. We also learned that the forthcoming 4th volume of biography mentioned by Andy will cover CJ's time in TV and journalism, which partially coincides with the song writing period ...

And to top it all, my wife enjoyed it almost as much as I!

Hope you've fully recovered Pete, and many thanks.


Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Chris Smith on 20.03.06 at 15:36

on 03/16/06 at 16:43:38, Andy Love wrote :
 Then my first footfall inside the room brought a “Ah! You must be Mr. Love” from a gentleman who I didn’t recognise but took to be MV Hugo B.

Sorry Andy, I should have introduced myself.   I'll wear one of those conference badges next time: " Chris Smith - MV Convention - Eastbourne".  Not forgetting the barcode.

I enjoyed the all-guitar set very much.  I particularly enjoy Pete's performances in small venues like the Lamb, and this one had a good feel to it.  It made me think about how different styles of presentation work in different venues.  Some folk clubs can handle a full guitar and piano set, as we've seen before at Eastbourne, but I can think of other folk clubs where the piano might be considered 'too much' in both volume and style.  In those cases an unamplified guitar set would work well.

Pete's voice sounded good, seemingly unaffected by the resident rhino.



Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Hugo on 20.03.06 at 19:39
As others have said above, it was a great evening at the Lamb last week - 'twas in fact the first time I had been able to get to see PA 'live' since sometime in late 1973 - which now seems like only yesterday.

The intervening years saw me sit bolt upright every time the radio announced "Produced by Pete Atkin" at the end of an (inevitably brilliant) programme. The years passed...

Like many, many others, the Internet search engine re-connected me with the memories of those long-gone days. My memory isn't wonderful, but I do still have some diary jottings which suggest I first saw Pete at the Hanging Lamp in Richmond - I think it was Monday (Monday's were always the Hanging Lamp) 30th August 1971. Tir-na-Nog were playing and Pete did a floor spot - to great appreciation. I believe on that evening he played 'Beware of the Beautiful Stranger', followed by 'The Original Honky Tonk Night Train Blues' and finally 'Nobody Asked You'. Some months later when I requested he played 'Nobody Asked You' again, Pete asked me "where did you hear that?" - well Pete, it was (I think) at the 'Lamp, August '71. Subsequently I found it on 'While the Music Lasts'.

From that day on Pete was always a great inspiration. I think the last time I saw him play (before last week) may have been at the Troubadour in the Fulham Road where we were both playing (me as a floor singer). I can remember he broke a string and borrowed my guitar to finish the set - I never washed the guitar again :)

It was brilliant to get to see him after an inconsequential gap of only 36 years - the same magic was all there and multiplied. At least someone else's hair besides mine is not quite as dark as it was ;)

Pete, thanks again for a memorable evening.

Andy - sorry I didn't introduce myself - in fact I still can't put a face to the name - the bell tolled from behind me - we were sitting at the table in the middle of the room.


Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by naomi on 27.03.06 at 20:34
Yes, it was a great night - even though I had to dash off back to London on the last train (10.15pm!!) before the second half.
I was especially captivated by the new Atkin/James songs - but they were all superb, and I honestly (despite my claims to know about voices!) had no idea that Pete had a cold until it was mentioned, so fine and expressive was his singing.

Yes, the Lamb is a super venue - and I was so pleased that it's "unplugged". As some of you know, I do prefer to hear music without amplification - not to mention my own preference (huge understatement) to sing without amplification. Right: no more riding of that hobby-horse.

Incidentally, I didn't do a floor-spot because I'd had no time to prepare any songs, having only decided at the last moment that the ludicrous train timetable would not keep me away. (I haven't performed folk repertoire for decades so couldn't have done so without rehearsal.) But I regret that, because the venue and the people were so nice.

Apologies for the delay in this posting - I've been busy preparing for a gig that I've just  done at a private-party (at which my programme included "An Empty Table").

Pete's and Clive's songs seem to get better every time one hears or sings them - a mark of their depth and sheer quality.

It was good to see MVs at Eastbourne - especially Avner and Mrs G.

Many thanks, Pete,


Title: Re: Gig at Eastbourne Folk Club
Post by Seán Kelly on 29.03.06 at 16:10
A quick thanks for the descriptions - much appreciated by me and, no doubt, others who weren't there - cheers all!

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