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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 20:52)

Title: Fame - at last?
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 20:52
A new listing on eBay: Force-Ale is selling a copy of "Brilliant Creatures", and introduces Clive as being "of Pete Atkin fame", adding "yes, that Pete Atkin", and going on to plug the tour.


Looking at his other sale items, I infer that FA is a lover of Real Ale, at the very least. Could this be you, SD/MoM?

Whoever you are, FA, thanks for the :D moment!


Title: Re: Fame - at last?
Post by Chris Reichardt on 04.11.05 at 22:26
What an incredible mixture of stuff he is selling - from a book on the Crimean War to the Goons with backing by drunken folk singers and comedians :o

Something for everyone as the old saying goes!  ;)

Title: Re: Fame - at last?
Post by Murray McGlew on 06.11.05 at 00:55
If anyone hasn't read Brilliant Creatures, I can recommend it. One of my favourites.

I've read it many times, and I plan to keep going until I understand all the cultural references. This will be in about October 2076.


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