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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 10:17)

Title: Discography
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 10:17
Just in case there's anyone here who hasn't explored our associated Website, Smash Flops (http://www.peteatkin.com/pa.htm), this will serve as a reminder that we maintain a comprehensive (though not necessarily complete) discography of Pete Atkin.

Not only does this list all his records (singles, LPs, cassettes and CDs) and such unreleased titles as we are aware of as being songs (rather than merely Footlights routines), it also carries all known song lyrics, guitar chords, low quality audio clips, a handful of annotated lyrics, album cover artwork, a couple of lead sheets (more to come when Pete has time to prepare them), some 'alternative' parody lyrics from MV members, links to studio session notes, and the odd dodgy Midi file.

There's the programme for A & R and a sample page from A First Folio. Although we'd like to, we can't reproduce all of Pete's scores from this book and elsewhere as it would damage the songs' copyright status. The most recent additions to the Discography are the Live In Australia double CD and Kevin Cryan's annotation of the Screen-Freak lyric. More lyric annotations and chord transcriptions would be most welcome.

We're weakest in the 'cover versions' section. Members Andy Love, Jan and Cary have over the years identified rather more other artists' versions of PA/CJ songs than I've ever got around to listing, and I must make a determined effort to find their notes and incorporate them.

Like much of the Website, the Discography's presentation needs updating: with virtually every computer now able correctly to render Javascript and CSS features, it's time I tidied things up with new graphics and drop-down lists for easy access to all albums and titles. It'll happen soon. Probably.

Till then, you can find the Discography in two versions. The 'long form' (http://www.peteatkin.com/disworks.htm) lists all the material serially. It takes a second or five to load, but you can scroll through it as a single page, or use <Find> to locate anything of interest. The 'short form' (http://www.peteatkin.com/padiscog.htm) is an index to albums, each of which then pops up as a separate page. The 'short form' album pages can also be reached via an icon at top left of each album section in the 'long form' list, and the short-form index is also included. You'll see what I mean.

Remember that, as with most of Smash Flops, pretty well everything is clickable. Small images lead to large ones, content icons lead to new pages, and so on. Explore!


Title: Re: Discography
Post by Andy Love on Today at 21:15
Hi Chorus

Would it help, Steve, if I were to gather together and make a list of all the recorded cover versions I have in my patch of Completists' Corner?


Title: Re: Discography
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 22:48
I think that might well goad me into action Andy, when you've a moment. Thanks!


Title: Re: Discography
Post by naomi on 30.10.05 at 13:45
In reflecting on these matters, MVs - especially Mr Love - might like to listen to this afternoon's edition of lebrecht.live on BBC Radio 3 at 5.45pm, which I see is a discussion of "Completism" ... !!


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