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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 21:09)

Title: 300 members, and a birthday!
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 21:09
This weekend, MV is celebrating a milestone: 300 members have now signed up to this Forum. It's not as many as we had at the peak of the email version of MV, but it's a lot more sign-ups than many thought we'd ever achieve when we made the change.

A far more (or less, Pete might suggest) significant milestone is reached tomorrow, Monday 22nd. If you've been counting, you'll realise, incredibly, it's Pete's 60th birthday! I'm sure all will join with me in wishing him every happiness, and may the next 60 years be even happier!


Title: Re: 300 members, and a birthday!
Post by Keith Busby on 22.08.05 at 01:52
Congratulations on the triple century, Steve!

And, Pete, ad multos annos. See you at Wavendon, Oct. 1. Anyone else (other than Colin) going to be there?


Title: Re: 300 members, and a birthday!
Post by paul.leighton on 22.08.05 at 15:12
Landmarks worth celebrating!

Although I fully understood the reasoning behind the change to the current forum I was one of the Jeremiahs who feared that the new format would never reach anything like the take-up previously achieved.  Having reached the 300 mark, all we need now is for Midvodians  to actually post messages from time-to-time ...and I plead guilty as charged!

To Pete - best wishes - looking forward to catching up with the tour in Yeovil. ( Complete with the obligatory apple-laced glass and straw hat.)

From a wet and windy West....

best wishes


Title: Re: 300 members, and a birthday!
Post by paul.leighton on 22.08.05 at 15:31

Sorry to clutter up the system ....but I intended to ask: is anyone else  planning to make it to the Yeovil gig?

If so, a glass of something beforehand might be agreeable.....



Title: Re: 300 members, and a birthday!
Post by Gerry Smith on 22.08.05 at 23:37
300 members, eh?  The original silent majority ;-)  Like Paul, gulty as charged, m'lud.

HBTY, Pete!  Will the occasion inspire a song or two I wonder?

Once got a birthday card which featured a musical stave system almost completely obliterated by multi-coloured random crayon scribble.  It was headed "Happy Birthday Yo You".  My brother, ex MV Cliff, wryly added in biro "Trad. arr. John Cage".

Anyone else going to the Sevenoaks show?

Best to all


Title: Re: 300 members, and a birthday!
Post by Secret Drinker on 26.08.05 at 10:50
Apologies for being late, but hearty congrats to Pete and Steve on achieving their respective milestones!

Pete, a tip I got from my old granny, bless 'er: if you don't want your ankles to fold over your shoes, wear wellies  ;D

I'm not sure which gig I'll be able to go to on the tour - sadly we're away for the Stables gig, which would otherwise have been the easiest for us to get to. Are there likely to be any more dates added to the list?

Cheers to all


Temporarily breaking silence in Herts  :cool:

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