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(Message started by: Leonardo_Rainbow on Today at 03:19)

Title: anyone home cooeee
Post by Leonardo_Rainbow on Today at 03:19
hey peeps
s'a bit quiet on the western front but thought I'd just mention that I just got here in connecticut the 4 Cd's I ordered and have nearly worn out the hole in the middle on the English Chanson one, coo and wow, more wondiferousness from the wunderkind Atkin, Pete thereof and some cohorts.

Do yourself a favour if you haven't got it get it got it? good! It's a real treat to the old lugoles especially useful for attempting to ignore the fact that these buggars melt cheese over every damn thing here and then put ketchup on it too, don't start on yeuuuuch peanut butter and mucky stuff don't they know jelly wobbles on a plate and boy have they butchered the Queens Engrish oops I'm being hispanicised ahhh stop it I'm bloody English you colonials.

Well there we are a bit of information, a small rant errm is that what the modern idiot oops idiom says is a blog?  Atrchely I prefer rant it has more class, nuff said

So wass 'appening in your world, if'n ya got one is that contravercial oh I karnt spel that eever enough to warrant an occaisional something appearing on this wondiferous forum

Actually I often talk to myself sometimes I'm the only one who listens

and some colonial humour as a pair of teef

Never squat with yer spurs on!


Title: Re: anyone home YET? cooeee
Post by Leonardo_Rainbow on 15.03.05 at 11:36
Hi peeps

well I suppose I may as well reply to myself, as I usually talk to myself anyhoo as I actually listen so  I might as well say oooh someone replied to my mail, the fact that it's me replying to me will take a tad of excitement out of it and I may encounter a sense of deja vu but at least I'm in here

You all must be having sooooooooo much fun that you forget about this wondiferous MV thningummybob thang

Anyhoo unfortunately due to a certain no names no pack drill and no one remotely connected to this site my fun quotient has dipped below the subbiest aquacutainian (damn karn't spel that eever) level and listening to the 2 of 4 CD's 'Winter' actually somewhat perversely but deliciously sent me even deeper where I could revel in my abyss.

Wow!  'Winter' is the next victim to have it's hole worn out as I luxuriate in the dark depp feelings of..................well maybe you git's ma drift.

Anyhoo, another stupendously wondiferous offering to the gods of emotion by the wunderkids Pete and Clive, thanks guys, a CD to cry and empathise with is sometimes better than the advice people give you in an attempt to lift your spirit from so deep within you don't even know where it's gone

Thanks ain't enough but thanks anyhoo! in a brotherly way :-*


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