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(Message started by: Leonardo_Rainbow on Today at 11:13)

Title: An Offer!
Post by Leonardo_Rainbow on Today at 11:13
Hi Y'all

Just thought I'd mention if anyone from over the pond is visiting the Colonials on this side of the pond you'll be welcome to crash at my pad as long as you pick any room that I'm not in to crash in if that's ok with you, I'm in Waterbury, Connecticut which is very confusing as you can get from Manchester to Bristol in 20 minutes, I just have this vision of the pilgrims getting away from persecution, arriving in the new world glad to be out of there and saying ''ere fred this is our new world, let's build a town, yeh, what shall we call it?  Well we came from Bristol so let's start anew and call it Bristol!  Duh! No imagination!

And can you imagine the horror when asking for a cuppa rosy to be asked do you want cream or lemon with that and then getting a cup of hot water with a wrapped tea bag in the saucer that's if you get a suacer that is!

Thank goodness for the Brit shops here even though it's 3 times the price the chocolate Hob Nobs are soooooooooooo worth it


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