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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 18:22)

Title: Archive access
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 18:22
I've added a new button to the Menu bar: "Archive".

This provides access to the long-established members-only area of the Website, including MV messages 1 through 10945, to current Forum members only.

The level of security is similar to that of the old system: rather than the previous .htaccess 'basic authentication' (username/password) protection, I've implemented a scheme which denies access to the index, html and text pages unless it detects a valid cookie on the user's browser. This means you have to be logged in to the Forum before you can browse the members' area. Also, the "Archive" menu option only appears when you are logged in.

So you no longer need to remember a separate username and password to read the archives (indeed it will no longer work); just click the word "Archive" on the menu bar.

Title: Re: Archive access
Post by JtJ on Today at 21:02
Excellent!  Really useful.  Thanks (once again).

The day of the Pete Atkin Live Webcam....
("PeteCam"?  "AtkinCam"?)
.....surely cannot be far off now.


Title: Re: Archive access
Post by Andy Love on Today at 21:20
That's brilliant -- thanks, Steve.


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