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(Message started by: bobtaylor on Today at 15:17)

Title: Anyone see a resemblance?
Post by bobtaylor on Today at 15:17
I was looking back over some old issues of Mad Magazine, when I came across this one. It must be something to do with the similarities in the drawing style, but...Ok, ignore the inane grin, the sticky-out ears, the hairstyle and the problem with the eyes, but doesn't Alfred E: Neuman remind you of our hero?
The combination of the Live Libel album and the Mad Magazine covers was done with
Xara Xtreme Pro, in my opinion the greatest little vector application in the world.
With acknowledgements to Trog, RCA records and Broderbund for the Mad Magazine cover.
Apologies to Pete, I hope he sees the funny side, the last thing I want to do is cause any offence.  ;)

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