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(Message started by: Jan on Today at 23:25)

Title: Thanks Steve!
Post by Jan on Today at 23:25

on 06/15/07 at 17:16:18, Alex_Gunningham wrote :
I know how much pleasure Paul got from his manifold internet activities and would like to thank you all for contributing to his happiness.

After Paul's death I googled his name, knowing that he was involved in lots of internet stuff starting with his Scrumpy and Western site
and discovered the many friends, virtual and actual that he had made on the web. (The UK Cider list intend planting a tree in his memory)

Talking to a number of MVs on Thursday it was evident that we used the internet in the same way, coming home after a bad day at work and using the MV email list and more recently the forum  to take the sting out of the other stuff.
A couple of people mentioned independently how important it had been to them, one of them then going on to reminisce in a way that made me very jealous, having missed Monyash and the first years of MV.

So thanks Steve, for giving your resources and technical expertise to make things that bit better for the rest of us, leading to events like last Thursday's concert where we met old friends, saw a wonderful performance and reminisced into the early hours.


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