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(Message started by: Tiny_Montgomery on Today at 21:24)

Title: Clive In Poetry (Chicago)
Post by Tiny_Montgomery on Today at 21:24
Clive James writes on poetry - ranging from Hopkins to Tony Harrison - in the September issue of Poetry (Chicago). Along with analysing metre, he takes his now-familiar swipe at modernist verse, including Olson, William Carlos Williams and our very own Jeremy Prynne. Worth reading, though.

Link: www.poetrymagazine.org/magazine/0908/comment_122120.html

Title: Re: Clive In Poetry (Chicago)
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 23:15
Kevin Cryan, so far MV's only 'Fellow', with 453 posts to his name, also spotted this -- see his blog here (http://kcryan.wordpress.com/2008/09/03/clive-james-on-poetry-in-poetry/).

As noted by Tiny, the full article can be found on the Poetry Magazine (http://www.poetrymagazine.org/magazine/0908/comment_182120.html) site.


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