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(Message started by: hamilton on Today at 12:06)

Title: Made me smile....
Post by hamilton on Today at 12:06
Seen in a bookshop in Greenwich. This has to be deliberate... doesn't it?



For those that can't see - yes, it is Clive's "The Book of my enemy" collection.

Title: Re: Made me smile....
Post by andrew_long on 26.01.06 at 22:54
I'm afraid that I couldn't resist the temptation before Christmas to buy said book in one of those shops full of remaidered books.However,in fairness, the title poem shows that art has anticipated reality

Title: Re: Made me smile....
Post by Ian Chippett on 27.01.06 at 10:31
I suppose there must be places like this all over GB but having been out of the country for so long I'd never heard of the Book Barn which is between Bristol and Wells and which I visited last June when I came home for a few days. It had literally millions of second-hand books and I picked up the volumes of Clive's autobiography which I didn't already have as well as a few other things (I had to swear an oath to myself not to stay longer than 3 hours.) I found a dozen copies of an long-out-of-print book about music I've been looking for for 25 years. Any Voice fond of a good read should visit this place. I imagine Pete must have done so already?

Ian C

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