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(Message started by: number_63 on Today at 20:39)

Title: The Ties That Bind You
Post by number_63 on Today at 20:39
This is another song that has become a real favourite-with one burning question from me re the lyrics.

But first I've searched the archives using the method suggested by Mike in the Commercial traveller thread.

This has brought up acommentary by Sylfest (MV 5626), which I'd 95% agree with.

But also,intriguingly,the exchanges involving Steve and Pete show first that this song is amongst the earliest,was performed at Pete's first solo concert at Sittingbourne in 1969.

More importantly Pete thought that the 1969 version didn't work,partly because he (reckons he) didn't have the emotional maturity at 24 to understand it properly! (5632)

The 69 version was then  described as 'an historical record ' but not for full attention because it was in the nature of ' a rejected first draft ' (5737)

The song was then rewritten (5781)-mainly presumably the music,because the word changes are limited/marginal.

The burning question ( at last) is- so does this song have no literary references at all?

And a less burning question is (possibly because I'm so fond of the song) is whether it would have been a good backdrop on some of the recent tours,evoking the past in a way that much of the extracts from Clive's writing did.

(incidentally the mental picture I have is that the pennies are on the Stingrays as a means of payment for a few minutes propulsion....is this how it appears to others-I have no real memory of the concept)


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