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(Message started by: Glenn on Today at 13:08)

Title: Welcome Stranger
Post by Glenn on Today at 13:08
Does anyone have any clues as to what happened with Clive's website at Welcomestranger.com?

I used to really enjoy watching the interviews on the site, but it's been "off the air temporarily" for a long time now.

Title: Re: Welcome Stranger
Post by Mike_Walters on Today at 14:10
The Word interview with CJ states that 'his personal multi-media website has just launched, featuring interviews shot in his own living room, among the subjects Julian Barnes, Martin Amis and Ian McEwan - www.clivejames.com'.  As far as I can see, though, this is currently just a single page announcing the prospect of such a multi-media project (it announces a possible launch date of April, which I presume didn't happen, unless it means next April...).  But it does give an explanation of what happened to the Welcome Stranger site, and it certainly offers an intriguing prospect for the future.



Title: Re: Welcome Stranger
Post by Glenn on 27.08.04 at 09:06
Thanks for that Mike.  At least I now know why the site stopped functioning, which was the mystery before.

Title: Re: Welcome Stranger
Post by Nick Munton on 27.08.04 at 12:28
A word of warning.  

I registered on the welcomestranger.com site some time ago because I wanted to know when Clive's website would be back in business.  I was surprised and annoyed to find that I then received unsolicited e-mails from another website that appeared to be aimed as Aussies in London.

Repeated requests to remove my e-mail address from their database were ignored.  I thought of complaining to Clive via Midnight Voices e-mail, but in the end changed my e-mail address to escape their (and much other) spam.


Title: Re: Welcome Stranger
Post by S J Birkill on 28.08.04 at 16:11
Must say I'm none too impressed by young Larcey's work for Clive's Websites -- two of them apparently abandoned for months, and now the story of the aussieinlondon mailing list spam. Hope Clive's not paying him too much -- we've done better for free...

Title: Re: Welcome Stranger
Post by Roger Cornwell on 28.08.04 at 17:56
I'll just point out that if anyone has been seriously inconvenienced by this, a whois lookup using a service like allwhois.com (http://www.allwhois.com) reveals a London address and telephone number (in the old 0171 format, so it may not be current) plus an email address.

Title: Clive's new Website
Post by S J Birkill on 09.11.04 at 22:09
Clive has relaunched his multimedia Website at www.clivejames.com (http://www.clivejames.com). A few technical peculiarities (you might have to use MSIE on a PC to see everything, and there are some punctuation errors), but the site carries a good stash of new articles, poems and lectures, plus streamed audio of Clive's dialogues with Peter Porter, and what appears to be the full set of his "Talking in the Library" video interviews.


Title: Re: Clive's new Website
Post by Secret Drinker on 10.11.04 at 08:43

on 11/09/04 at 22:09:24, S J Birkill wrote :
Clive has relaunched his multimedia Website at www.clivejames.com (http://www.clivejames.com).

What, no mention of his songwriting?  :o

Couldn't Clive be persuaded to at least add a link to Smash Flops? Although I didn't see a links section anywhere...



Title: Re: Welcome Stranger
Post by Murray McGlew on 14.11.04 at 11:57
I had a chance for a quick look the other day, and read an article on Shakespeare and one on the Bali bombing. I'll get back to it and read more soon.

Through lack of choice we are still on (slow) dial-up, so I won't risk the interviews yet, but I did enjoy the articles. A chance for me to keep partly up to date until some of these things appear in books.


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