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(Message started by: Ian_Lindsay on Today at 02:52)

Title: Vinyl Albums
Post by Ian_Lindsay on Today at 02:52
I have reached that stage of life when I am looking to thin down my possessions.
I have been selling my vinyl record collection on Discogs, but my Pete Atkin records are special.

I have the first 5 albums looking for a good home. I believe they are the first pressing in every case (mostly purchased on the first day of release).

Would anyone like to have them? No charge of course, though since they are currently with me in New York City, anyone in the US would save on shipping.  

They have all been played a lot, though not in the past 30 years, but have all been treated with the care they deserve.

If more than one person is interested, I will pick someone based on some criteria I have not yet thought about.

Title: Re: Vinyl Albums
Post by Ian_Lindsay on 06.12.16 at 23:56
OK Discogs it is then. Sorry not to find someone on here to take them, but I presume everyone her must already have them all.

Title: Re: Vinyl Albums
Post by S J Birkill on 07.12.16 at 03:52
A disappointing lack of response, Ian. Thank you for your generous offer.


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