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(Message started by: Stewart Betts on Today at 21:30)

Title: What do we think?
Post by Stewart Betts on Today at 21:30
I've been in purdah pending the arrival of Midnight Voices...     it came today!!!   I've been really anxious about this - the 70's CDs are really important to me, and although I've enjoyed the more recent releases, they haven't challenged for a place in my heart alongside the classics.

Well (phew) I think that the CD is a triumph! Its as though the originals are a photo album that you turn to to remember great times and old friends from the past, but Midnight Voices is like meeting up with those old friends today and discovering that, yes you've all changed and moved on a little but you've still got loads in common and still hugely enjoy each other's company!

I was worried that the new CD would be like hearing cover versions - I'm not a fan of cover versions - but no, the songs have evolved with clear links and references to the originals and (in my view) with nothing that jars.

Its superb, thanks Pete!

Stewart Betts
Smiling in Norwich!

Title: Re: What do we think?
Post by colin_boag on 20.10.07 at 11:58
It's excellent.   Thief in the Night is one of my all-time favourite songs and I can't believe how different it sounds.  I was fearful that it would be spoiled for me but the opposite is the case.

Title: Re: What do we think?
Post by Master of the Revels on 21.10.07 at 10:11
Moved to a different thread!

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