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(Message started by: Jan on Today at 18:02)

Title: Atkins/Aiken
Post by Jan on Today at 18:02
Just testing a expensive new database with my normal search strategy and came up with this depressingly inaccurate bit from the Financial Times (http://search.ft.com/ftArticle?queryText=Comedy+Partners&id=070728001096&ct=0) last summer. And I missed the programme as well!
Considering the subject matter of the FT Pete has been mentioned surprisingly often in its pages, 8 times since 1984 and all for his radio work. To be fair Martin Hoyle does normally get the spelling right.
Incidentally Google have now added an extra refinement to their Advanced search so that you can limit a search to the last 24 hours or the last week instead of the last 6 months. That should make keeping up to date a lot easier.

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