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(Message started by: Gerry Smith on Today at 23:49)

Title: How Like You This?
Post by Gerry Smith on Today at 23:49
I've just been searching Smash Flops for the .ra file I used to have of 'How Like You This', played by Pete and sung by Julie C. I found the lyric, but the 'sound clip available' link goes to a page of sound clips from other songs. HLYT is nowhere to be found.  I hope it is still available somewhere.  Steve, perhaps you could point me in the right direction. If I remember, there were two versions on the site at one time, perhaps around 1998.  The one I have in mind featured a lot of acoustic guitar and oboe (or flute) I think.

If I'd remembered in time, this would have been in my PA top ten.

Wish I could have been at Walthamstow.  Hasta la proxima.


Title: Re: How Like You This?
Post by S J Birkill on 17.02.07 at 16:06
In the early days I really did as advertised, for a while, rotating the songs I RealAudio streamed on Smash Flops. That link from the lyric page does look like quite an old one. I've had a root around and can't find the file anywhere, so I guess I took it down a long time ago.

The two versions I have are the orchestrated one from WAYDATS with the beginning missing (fades in at 'as the wind...') and the TPMO cut. They were both on the Library discs, so you may know the second of them from there -- seems unlikely I'd have put both on the Website. Gorgeous song.

I know it's overdue, but I will eventually get around to revamping the audio clippage, at which point I'll make a point of including this one.


PS -- I'd better lose that broken link too!

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