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(Message started by: Ian Chippett on Today at 19:58)

Title: New Top Ten
Post by Ian Chippett on Today at 19:58
Here are the rules for the new PA All-time Favourite Top Ten: you choose the ten songs you like most written or performed by Pete and each song will get 10 points if it's the first choice, 9 if it's the second etc etc. Extra points will be awarded to anyone voting for "My Egoist."

Shoukld we do this via private message or not? I'd favour the latter as the fans will see what's going on but that's just me.

Ian C

Title: Re: New Top Ten
Post by Andrew_Curry on 20.11.06 at 18:48
Do we do this as private email or in the forum?

A good question.

But I would also prefer that we did it in the forum. While obviously it carries the risk that devious and unscrupulous members of the list  :o (if there are any) will hold back until the last moment, thereby gaming the vote in such a way that their personal favourites surge to the top, let's face it, it's much more fun to see what other people's choices are as the emails come in.

And let's face it, we're not electing the President of the United States here, so we can probably put up with a little electoral malfeasance without too much harm being done.



Title: Re: New Top Ten
Post by David Morgan on 21.11.06 at 18:59
Speaking as the parallel (fave musicians) pollster, I'd like some of that malfeasance stuff too! Happy to go either way on public/private. I guess we could give the choice to voters: show-offs put it here (and if you like, even tell us why Black Funk Rex is your favourite), while the discreet can message or send a Christmas card.

Title: Re: New Top Ten
Post by S J Birkill on 29.11.06 at 21:50
Voting in both the new "Atkin songs" and "Favourite musicians" polls, organised by Ian Chippett and David Morgan, has now commenced in a new thread, and all publicly declared votes and discussion of the polls should go there. Accordingly this thread is now closed.

Please support these initiatives, which should stimulate discussion on the Forum and perhaps help us promote Pete's music to a wider audience. Go HERE (http://www.peteatkin.com/cgi-bin/mv/YaBB.cgi?board=Music;action=display;num=1164823599) right now, for polling instructions and to cast your votes.


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