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(Message started by: Bill on Today at 13:18)

Title: Availablility
Post by Bill on Today at 13:18
I had forgotten about Pete Atkin and was sifting through ome old reel to reel tapes I made from my schoolmates (back in 73!).  I heard Road of Silk on some old reel to reel recording and alo rembered Mythical America as another superb record from way back then.

I was too exciteable then as a 16-17 year old.  People like Mark Almond (not Soft Cell - the jazz boys) Roy Harper, Nick Drake and PA were subservient to the complexity of Gabriel's Genesis  and Yes, the wierdness of Gong and Hillage and the general general racket of hard rockin' artists like Joe Walsh, Steve Miller, Deep Purple et al.

But time mellows us all and decibels suddenly aren't everything.

Now I want to own the Atkin back catalogue but seemingly can't.  "Unavailable" is what I see both on this site and on Amazon.

Please dont shoot the taper, but this seems to be my only chance to hear these superb albums - on a lously 35 year old reel to reel!

Pete I want you to have some royalties from a legitimate purchase.  So when can we get hold of them again?

Bill :(

Title: Re: Availablility
Post by Jan on Today at 14:03
At present there is a copy of The Road of Silk/A King at Nightfall CD on Ebay:


9 days to go.

Title: Re: Availablility
Post by Bill on Today at 18:06
Thanks for the information Jan

I would have liked a new copy  though if I could have got one (Ive never traded on E bay either - but will have a look)

Title: Re: Availablility
Post by Seán Kelly on Today at 20:46
Well you can apparently pick up a new copy – as well as a number of badly spelt items such as the “Secret Drinkker / Live Libl” (sic) CD and the previously quite unheard of “Waster of Revels” LP (sic)  :) on Gemm (Global Electronic Music Marketplace)   If you don’t mind paying a bit of postage from Germany or similar.
See http://www.gemm.com/c/search.pl?field=ARTIST+OR+TITLE&wild=pete+atkin&Go%21.x=0&Go%21.y=0&Go%21=Search
or just www.gemm.com and search for Pete.
musicstack.com is similar - but looks to be showing only the lakeside sessions on cd at the moment.
Good Luck!

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