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(Message started by: Jan on Today at 21:07)

Title: Stuart Maconie
Post by Jan on Today at 21:07
Did anyone hear Rider to the world's end on Stuart Maconie's programme this afternoon 2-5pm?

I didn't, I only looked at the playlist becuse I'd requested a different Atkin item, from Winter Spring, for his "Unsung" section today

The programme is still available online
Click on the "Listen again to the show" link
Its on 2hours 46 minutes into the programme, the penultimate item. It was suggested by Tom Holt in Somerset.
Unfortunately Stuart says Beware of the Beautiful Stranger has been reissued and is now available on CD  :'(

Title: Re: Stuart Maconie
Post by Richard Bleksley on Today at 23:00
No, I'm afraid i didn't hear it, but I assume that "Tom Holt in Somerset" is the Tom Holt, the comic fantasy author whose hilarious parody of this song is in the discography?

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