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(Message started by: chris_evans on Today at 22:14)

Title: Uploads and downloads
Post by chris_evans on Today at 22:14
I wonder if you're aware of the very wonderful - and reasonably priced - services offered by a company called emusic.com, both as a customer and a putative client. (Apologies if this has come up before, I've been AWOL for a while). They're an MP3 outfit who specialise in independently produced music - and boy do they have a catalogue to die for. As well as a million bands you've never heard of - most with preposterous, or even faintly disturbing, names - you'll find all kinds of wonderful jazz, blues, classical, world music and all points between, with plenty of big names in among the minnows. And you can get 40 tracks for as little as a fiver a month - itunes and Napster aren't in the same class, especially if your tastes run to the more esoteric. This isn't just an ad, honest guv, because although I know you - like numerous MVs - enjoy exploring music of every hue and would find it a wonderful source of otherwise hard-to-find albums, I'm sure emusic would also be a great way of making your own music available to a pan-global audience. I daresay there are obscure copyright reasons why this couldn't be done with the RCA materaal, but surely the Hillside albums would be a goer. Although emusic is an American site, I can vouch for the fact that it also has numerous British users, and already includes no lack of music by performers of, shall we say, a certain age. (Robert Wyatt, John Cale, Tom Waits, the late Kevin Coyne to name but a few).
Perhaps I missed a recent news story linking emusic to the Russian mafia and global warming, but otherwise they seem like a pretty damn good idea to me. What say you?
Chris Evans
(your PR guy in the West Midlands).

Title: Re: Uploads and downloads
Post by Pete Atkin on 20.07.05 at 09:31
Hi Chris

Thanks for the suggestion.  Yes, you're absolutely right:  I need to get into the downloading business one way or another, and a site like this is clearly one of the best ways to do it.   You're quite right that the RCA(BMG)-owned stuff is out of the question since I have no rights over it, but, yes, the Hillside stuff would be no problem whatever.   I shall investigate -- but probably not for a week or two since I'm in the middle of one of the most intensively busy periods of dayjobbery I think I've ever had -- just the way things turn out, changed deadlines, stuff crashing together, etc. (Incidentally, the first transmitted outcome of all this activity will be a brilliant new Peter Nichols play based on the Nazi Swing Band for BBC World Service which will go out over the last weekend of August -- much easier to pick up in the UK now, of course, on DAB and digital TV and the net as well as the old MW bounceback from Germany in the SE).

All the best


Title: Re: Uploads and downloads
Post by chris_evans on 25.07.05 at 10:46
Hi Pete

We need to talk! I just got the thumbs-up to do a feature on you and Clive from a national magazine. (No, it's not Heat. But neither is it Asian Babes or Practical Caravanning).
Ideally it should tie in with the forthcoming tour, so a certain amount of speed is of the essence. My email is chrisevans@mpdetraz.plus.com.

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