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(Message started by: Blether on Today at 22:49)

Title: The Pete Atkin Blether
Post by Blether on Today at 22:49
"The Moon Blether" - a short article to be found by typing in "Moon Blether" in google or similar search engine (also called "The Scottish Blether" on some sites) - or at http://yourgarden.com/blether to mention just one site has a reference to Pete Atkin and "Session man blues". Now that's what I call good music.

Title: Re: The Pete Atkin Blether
Post by Mike Walters on 12.01.05 at 17:30
I was most intrigued by the fact that the author was listening to Sessionman's Blues apparently being played on the radio.  Ah, but of course this was Scotland where they seem to order things so much better where music radio is concerned...



Title: Re: The Pete Atkin Blether
Post by Blether on 12.01.05 at 21:47
It was about a year ago, possibly a bit longer, one evening (I don't remember the radio station - could have been radio Scotland, could have been any radio station) and Clive James was being interviewed - some new book he'd written - poetry, was it? Something like that. Anyway I only caught a bit of it but I heard this song and - most annoying - there was no mention of who the singer was. I looked it up on the internet and that was my introduction to Pete Atkin music!

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