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(Message started by: Keith Busby on Today at 23:02)

Title: More music
Post by Keith Busby on Today at 23:02
It's been a while since we've posted any chords or other form of music. Here are some songs I'd like to work on:

The Trophies of my Lovers Gone
Femme Fatale
A Hill of Little Shoes
An Empty Table

Can anyone get us going with a few chords or notes of any of these for guitar or piano? I though Stephen Rose (Naomi Hyamson's accompanist at PoD) did a fantastic job "earballing" the music to A Hill of Little Shoes.


Title: Re: More music
Post by a on 07.01.05 at 15:29
 What about the other songs?

Title: Re: More music
Post by Ian Chippett on 08.01.05 at 11:28
a wrote:

<<What about the other songs? >>

Which ones do you mean? Most of the ones from the Old Testament (the first 6 albums) are available at "Smash Flops" as well as quite a few of the rest.

Ian C

Title: Re: More music
Post by S J Birkill on 08.01.05 at 11:37
Yes, I see there are still quite a few gaps in the chordage for the songs from Lakeside and Winter/Spring. I'm personally aware of about 20 MV members with musical skills -- there may well be many more closet musos. Surely someone has worked these out?

I'll kick things off with a couple of transcriptions by Ian Chippett (one of Keith's requests and another one) which, thanks to my own inertia, have been skulking around here for 12 months or so, since I zipped them by Pete and he declared them (IIRC) 'more or less OK'. (Let me know, Pete, if I need to add any composer's notes to these) :

Hill Of Little Shoes (http://www.peteatkin.com/i66c.htm)

Thought Of You (http://www.peteatkin.com/k1c.htm)


Title: Re: More music
Post by a on 08.01.05 at 11:52
Ian: I meant exactly the ones you posted. Thank you!

Should know better next time what's the difference between "reply" and "pm" . Sorry

Title: Re: More music
Post by Seán Kelly on 12.01.05 at 21:03
Excellent - many thanks for these Ian, Steve - and Keith for asking!

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