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(Message started by: Ben Coulson on Today at 01:12)

Title: Juke Box Jury... (hit)
Post by Ben Coulson on Today at 01:12
Today I visited a pub in Norwich called "The Murderers", for the first time (the pub was originally known as the "Gardeners Arms" but a murder took place there over 100 years ago and the pub has been known as "The Murderers" ever since.

This pub is the first in Norwich to have one of the new type of jukeboxes which offers "over 2 million songs" which it accesses via a broadband Internet connection. When it was first installed the landlord offered a free drink to anyone who selected a recorded artist who was not in its database. Sadly the offer no longer applies, as I managed to find about half a dozen.

Imagine my surprise when I used the search function for "Pete Atkin" and was presented with a list of all the tracks on the "original" six albums (based on the See For Miles CD releases). The tracks on Winter Spring are also listed but greyed out as not yet available.

The only downside to this is the price. Songs that are in "the charts" cost 50p to play, while those that have to be searched for cost a pound.

Title: Re: Juke Box Jury... (hit)
Post by Theo Clarke on 15.09.04 at 17:48
I am visiting Norwich on Friday ... so a trip to the Murderers seems to be in order.  I will invest a fiver in the pleasure of walking towards the music in an ordinary pub.


Title: Re: Juke Box Jury... (hit)
Post by JtJ on 15.09.04 at 21:59
Play Master Of The Revels for me!
I'll give you the 1 when next we meet.

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