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(Message started by: Sylfest on Today at 00:13)

Title: So loud I couldn't hear it
Post by Sylfest on Today at 00:13
One of the many pleasures of Winter Spring, which I listen to often, is this jokey number. Now when it comes to picking favourite songs, I'm no great fan of the out-and-out funny ones, but for me So Loud hits the mark nicely. The humour's as much self-depracating as pointed; the rock star's deafness prevents him from ever getting his comeuppance, and our hero has to admit defeat and retreat.
The man who walked away from the music, in fact.
It's a counterpart to TMWWTTM in other ways too. I could never quite work out why Pete chose that song as the single from Road of Silk. Never did like the galumphing brass - more like Morris dancing than rock 'n' roll - and I felt, despite its glorious rhyming highlights, that its lyrical aloofness indicated that The Man just wasn't getting the point of the show, whatever he might claim.
So Loud is simpler and, entirely appropriately for the subject, repetitive. It leaves more space for the music and for the singer's delivery, and I think it's a better piece of music as a result, and somehow comes over sounding more like Pete than Clive (must be all those asides at the end).
But the tune is rather like TMWWTWM, don't you think? The first lines of both songs are variants of each other, and what the tune does in the third line of the chorus of So Loud seems to have a similar effect to what happens in the third line (and then similarly in the seventh) of the chorus of TMWWTTM. Can't say what it is, though.  

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