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(Message started by: Chris Reichardt on Today at 21:24)

Title: Pete on Record and CD
Post by Chris Reichardt on Today at 21:24
All the CDs apart from A King At Nightfall/The Road of Silk and Secret Drinker/Live Libel are of course available from those wonderful people at :cool: HILLSIDE MUSIC :cool:


However if you want the original records and/or the above two out of print CDs then I suggest you try:-

MusicStack (link to many online stores mainly in UK and US) usually have all the vinyl albums


And so does GEMM


eBay is also an occasional source

Happy hunting   :)

[08.08.04 posting updated 27.05.05 at Chris's request -- SJB]

Title: Re: Pete on Record and CD
Post by colin_boag on 26.05.05 at 09:47
If anyone is looking to complete their PA / CJ vinyl collection, I've just put one of everything onto e-Bay.  Momentous decision to dispose of them but I can't play vinyl any more and I could use the space that around 700 albums take up!

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