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Title: Russel Davies on "Tin Sandwich"
Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 07:34
Today's TIMESONLINE (http://url=http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/tv_and_radio/article3548394.ece)


March 14, 2008

Tin Sandwich, Anyone? A History of the Harmonica; The Chieftains
Digital Choice

Gabrielle Starkey

Tin Sandwich, Anyone? A History of the Harmonica

BBC Four, 8pm

The humble mouth organ's history is as interesting and worldly as that of any fancier instrument - born in China, developed in Germany and America, and championed by blues players, hobos and Bob Dylan. The Radio 2 broadcaster Russell Davies narrates this fittingly quirky little film, which includes demonstrations of the harp's versatility by the jazz man Will Galison, the Blues Band's Paul Jones and the folkie Brendan Power. There is also a fleeting appearance by one of Britain's unsung musical heros, Rory McLeod....


Kevin Cryan


The Chieftains do get a mention



Legends: The Chieftains

BBC Four, 9pm

For more than 45 years, Paddy Moloney and his hand-picked band have championed traditional Irish music, expanding its horizons beyond the Emerald Isle and the boundaries of folk, and been lauded in turn by the music press and fellow musicians. Some of the many who have jumped on the Chieftains' bandwagon - Elvis Costello, James Galway, Sting, Ry Cooder, Andrea Corr - talk here about the incredible energy of working with the group but, typically, the best quote goes to Keith Richards: I felt like I'd been transported. Where, I don't know. I'm not back yet.....


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