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(Message started by: Gerry Smith on Today at 14:04)

Title: Alan Barnes and Herbie Flowers Gig
Post by Gerry Smith on Today at 14:04
Hello Everyone

During my sax quartet rehearsal in Eastbourne yesterday, the soprano player said "I take it you'all all be there next Sunday morning". We said "where?" and he said "at the de la Warre pavillion in Bexhill to see Alan Barnes".

Well...it turns out that there is a regular event at the dlwp on Sunday mornings, Mike Hatchard and friends. Must say I am not familiar with his work, but what good friends he has because this  Sunday coming, 10th of Feb, his guests include not only Alan Barnes but Herbie Flowers too!

The aforementioned soprano sax player is not acquainted with the writings of the Rev's Atkin and James of this parish, so another golden opportunity for conversion. He observed that, in his opinion, nothing Alan Barnes has recorded compares with hearing him live, so another good reason to be at The Stables gig in April as well as the dlwp on Sunday.

Given the somewhat unsocial hour (!) of the performance I imagine only local MV's will attend, but there are numerous cheap hotels in the area for the more determined.

I hope to see some of you there.

Tickets on sale now at 8.00
See http://www.dlwp.com/WhatsOn/TheatrePerformanceDetail.aspx?EventId=4754


Title: Re: Alan Barnes and Herbie Flowers Gig
Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 20:46
And while we are at it, here is something (http://arts.guardian.co.uk/thisweek/central/0,,1807811,00.html) for those who live in close proximity to Swindon.

Alan Barnes Trio

Duke Ellington's luxurious harmonies explored by virtuoso saxist Barnes and an all-star band including Tony Coe.

The Kings (http://www.thekings-swindon.co.uk/), Swindon, Thursday 7

I believe that the outfit is called The Liquorice Stick All Sorts not The Liquorice Stick All Stars as The Guardian Guide had it on Saturday. I'm not altogether sure whether Tony Coe is guesting or playing as part of the trio, as he does on occasion.  

Kevin Cryan

Title: Re: Alan Barnes and Herbie Flowers Gig
Post by Gerry Smith on 10.02.08 at 19:34
Well, you missed a good one at the de la Warr pavillion today. The very engaging, and fine jazz pianist Mike Hatchard was joined by Alan Barnes in cracking form on clarinet, alto sax and flute, aided by strinq quartet with percussion. Last but not least , Herbie Flowers played a mean double bass and entertained the audience with several interjections and anecdotes. A varied and entertaining set which ended with Mike Hatchard on Trombone and  Herbie Flowers on tuba leading all the gathered musicians off stage, through the auditorium, outside and back again, all while still playing the final number!

Alan, if you ever read this, I'd love to know what alto you play, what mouthpiece and reed make and strength. And how on earth do you manage such fluency in the altissimo range (other than hours of practice).This is something I can do but struggle with.

A very pleasant and memorable couple of hours or so. Such talent so understated. And how odd to see two musicians who have played on Pete's albums about 35 years apart sharing the same stage! Wonderful to see the dlwp looking so good following its major renovation a couple of years ago - a fine venue.


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