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(Message started by: Richard Bleksley on Today at 21:08)

Title: Pre-gig sclonching at Newbury
Post by Richard Bleksley on Today at 21:08
Is anyone considering pre-gig eating / sclonching on Friday?  The New Greenham Tandoori, mentioned on the venue's website, looked an obvious choice to me, until I found this, which doesn't look very encouraging.


Perhaps if we were to make a block booking and impress upon them in advance the need for speed, they might get off their backsides?  Or maybe it might be safer to choose somewhere else?

Any ideas?

(breaking a long silence)

Title: Re: Pre-gig sclonching at Newbury
Post by Leslie Moss on 16.10.07 at 12:37
Gallingly I cannot make the Newbury gig due to a prior commitment to my eldest son. Even more gallingly, the prior commitment is at his college in Oxford, which is almost in shouting distance of the gig.

I was hoping to hear Barb Jung and Simon Wallace too. Ah well, I'll just have to wait for the next gig and hope for better luck.


Title: Re: Pre-gig sclonching at Newbury
Post by naomi on 16.10.07 at 21:16
As Oxford is so close to Newbury, Leslie, maybe you could nip over to the gig and back without too many people noticing - you could just say that you need a bit of fresh air, and then drift back a bit later !!  ;)

On second thoughts, maybe not  ...

See you next time,

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