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(Message started by: Keith Busby on Today at 21:25)

Title: Wavendon
Post by Keith Busby on Today at 21:25
Anyone up for a drink before, during, and/or after Wavendon, Oct. 1?


Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by Andy Love on Today at 22:42
Deffo !


Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by Colin Crooks on 22.09.05 at 10:15
Count us in!

Colin & Kate

Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by Keith Busby on 25.09.05 at 02:00
Colin/Kate, Andy,

What seats youse in? I.e., who's nearest the bar for rushing out and ordering at the interval? We're in CD13 and 14. I think Andy and I will recognize each other. Colin/Kate, give us a clue. I've also conscripted my old French teacher and his femme who live near MK!


Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by Colin Crooks on 25.09.05 at 09:54

We'll be quite noticable, dressed as cultural anthropologists:-  short, fat (well Colin is) middle-aged, overworked, glasses, odd socks (of course) and black leather jackets.

We're in seats CA3/4

I'm beginning to drool thinking about it.

Colin & Kate

Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by Jan on 25.09.05 at 23:44
I've added seat numbers to the spreadsheet whenever they've been given. Latest version just winging its way to Steve. No doubt it will appear shortly at:
I'll add anyone who sends me an instant message.


Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by John N L Morrison on 28.09.05 at 22:15
We'll be there - John and Rosy Morrison  -  CC3 & CC4.

Steve - remember me from the last time at the Stables? I was the Spymaster, as you (incorrectly) dubbed me. But I was top intelligence when I first signed up. Then I apeared on Panorama, and things moved on. Ah me....

Yours, John

Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by John_Waites on 01.10.05 at 16:38

I will be there with Alice, Pete's youngest fan, & the wife. Don't have seat tickets to hand, but somewhere fairly well forward. We'll look out for everyone!

Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by Andy Love on 01.10.05 at 23:42
Just back from The Stables, where a good gig was enjoyed by all. The auditorium was pretty much full and the audience nice and responsive.

It seems a bit difficult to post 'spoiler' messages here (is it?) so I'd better not say too much.  But P&C were both in great form and appeared very relaxed and comfortable.

Good to see some familiar faces (in order of spotting): Kevin Cryan; John Waite & family; Colin & Kate Crooks; Keith Busby & family; and Sylfest Muldal.

An excellent evening - thanks.

Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by John N L Morrison on 02.10.05 at 11:56
Desolated to miss Wavendon yesterday - Rosy and I were both laid low by a nasty tummy bug and in no state to drive (or indeed get the most out of the show). We were hoping until the last moment that one of us would recover sufficiently, but in the end common sense prevailed.

Sorry to miss the MVs - lets' hope there's be another chance next year.....

John Morrison

Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by Keith Busby on 03.10.05 at 14:45
I was about to post the Wavendon set list, but Pete beat me to it. Consequently, I can't work out if my intended comments on the revamped "Prince of Aquitaine" are still valid, but it was slower that I had heard before. Now about that rewritten middle eight . . . "Biro" began with the "jeu d'esprit" we heard at PoD, with the opening chords of "Perfect Moments". It was interesting to hear two new songs ("I've Got Me to Thank" and "Here We Stay"), and to hear Clive read the words of "The Last Hill That Shows You All the Valley" before Pete sang them. Many of Clive's readings were ones I'd not hear (or read) before. Particularly amusing were the piece on the publisher's party, the review of Judith Kranz's "Princess Daisy", and the meditation that took its cue from the first Bush-Kerry debate. Being a resident of Bushworld, part deux, I loved Clive's description of the agony on W's face each time he searches for a word followed by the triumphant expression when he finds one, not realizing it's quite wrong ("vociferous terrorists"). Pete's shirt was very subdued, and Clive's old leather jacket shabbier than ever. The auditorium was about 3/4 full, I guesstimate, and the audience enthusiastic, although the couple next to Andy Love did not return after the interval (whatever did you say to them Andy? or were you annoying them by singing along? I was warned in advanced not to do so by the memsahib). A good queue at the merchandising table afterwards. I echo Andy's words about meeting up with him and the Crooks, and others. I knew there was another face (or voice) I had seen somewhere before but couldn't place and didn't have the gorm to accost. It was Sylfest, I think. Apologies to him. All in all, a good show.

(Last Thursday night, by the way, the missus dragged me off to the Bloody Sunday docudrama at the Tricycle in Kilburn. I highly recommend it if you can still catch it).

Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by Andy Love on 11.10.05 at 12:12
Keith mentioned that, at The Stables, the couple sitting next to me in the first half didn't return for the second. These things happen, I told myself ...

... but I am now more than a little paranoid because exactly the same thing occurred at The Lowry!

I'm reminded of a (very) short science fiction story -- Ian S. may be able to supply the exact details of the source -- in which a man was cursed by having bad weather follow him around.  He made a handsome living by threatening to turn up at outdoor events unless paid to stay away.

So what am I offered not to go to, say, Farnham on the 20th ?


Title: Re: Wavendon
Post by Richard Bleksley on 12.10.05 at 23:42
Not a very short story, Andy, but are you perchance thinking of Rob McKenna, the lorry driver / rain god, in Douglas Adams' So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish?

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