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(Message started by: Tek_Painter on Today at 12:15)

Title: Artist and repertoire
Post by Tek_Painter on Today at 12:15
How on earth does Pete decide what to play from among such a vast repertoire of irresistible gems?   Can't wait for Eastbourne to find out what's on the menu this time.

Title: Re: Artist and repertoire
Post by Carole on 21.07.04 at 21:48
Well I do hope some kind soul who attended will let us know what gems that nice Mr Atkin performed.

Title: Re: Artist and repertoire
Post by JtJ on 23.07.04 at 21:34
And so....it came to pass that they did!

Many years ago,
(I was not always as you see me now)
I had to decide which songs to play too.

I always went for the ones which I knew would get the best reaction....and sneak in a few others.

But it's different for Pete, of course....or is it?

Perhaps we could begin to post, here, questions like that which we could ask Pete in November.

(Somebody  stop me....I'm on a role here....)
....even if  someone COULDN'T come to Surbiton (or wherever it is) they could STILL get to ask their question.

I'm going to lie down now!

Title: Re: Artist and repertoire
Post by Carole on 23.07.04 at 21:42
Cor. I got a notification of reply. From the Midnight Voices team. That works then.

Title: Re: Artist and repertoire
Post by Jan on 04.08.04 at 17:06
Setlist for Eastbourne on 21st July has now been added to the spreadsheet on the website:


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